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Who does not like hacks? We personally do love hacks because they are shortcuts to achieve your goal and does not always involve hard instructions for you to follow. And who says fat loss is impossible? Provided you know how-to, it can be made simple and for that, here are our top 20 fat loss hacks for you to not only lose fat, but help you to weight and maintain muscle as well.

1.Use a smaller plate or bowl the next time you eat. It makes no extra room for you to take more food and hence, you eat less.

2.Check your cupboard for any junk/bad foods and throw them away completely.

3.Diet is better when you make healthier choices of food, rather than you go for fad diet.

4.The next time you go for grocery shipping, beware of ‘low fat’ food labels because they often contain added sugar to improve the taste.

5.Beware of the foods labeled ‘low sugar’ too because often there are added fats to make them taste better.

6.Cut white sugar from your diet as much as possible, this include processed foods that often contain added white sugar.

7.Avoid eating foods that contain white flour, including processed foods that contain added white flour.

8.DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. It won’t last long and before you know it, you will add back those extra kilos that you lose before because your body cannot take it and not good for long term. Men should not eat less that 1800 calories daily and for women, not less than 1200 calories daily.

9.You can eat late at night and it will not slow fat loss process provided your overall daily calories are within the means.

10.Fat contained in food does not make you fat. Instead, too much amounts of daily calories intake does. Even though you are eating for fat loss, have at least 20% of your calories from healthy fats.

11.Add more protein in your diet, especially if you work out. For men, aim for 150 grams minimum per day, and for women, aim for 100 grams daily.

12.Cut out calorie-filled drinks, such as fruit juices, yogurt drinks and a lot more. Always read food labels. Calories from drinks are often the main cause why most people find it hard to lose weight.

13.Do you feel like eating something sweet? Have some strawberries and blueberries because they are low in calories. You can snack them guilt-free throughout the day.

14.Try new exercises or new workout routines such as pilates, hiking, hot yoga or even take a spin class.

15.Need motivation? Watch weight loss programs such as the Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss.

16.Set in mind to always do your cardio post lifting, and not before. You want to maintain your muscle mass and it should be your priority. Not only for appearance, it is for your metabolism too. Lift weight at your highest energy levels.

17.Looking forward to maintain as much muscle mass as you possibly could? Then do not switch your workout routine to lighter weights and higher reps. Train with the same intensity and weight.
18.Too busy for cardio? Shorten the rest periods in between weight training sets. This will keep your heart pumping, and ensure continuos calories burning.

19.To maximize your weight training session, slow down your reps to a 4 second count. It is effective yo build up muscles too.

20.Choose to perform high intensity interval training (HIIT) instead of boring, long walks on the treadmill. Studies have often show that HIIT is very effective to burn fat.

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